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Clayfoot Strutters
The Clayfoot Strutters (left to right)
Jeremiah McLane - piano, accordion
Lee Blackwell - drums, guitar
Peter Davis - (not appearing in Dallas)
Dave Grant - bass
Peter Sutherland - fiddle, piano
Mark Roberts - banjo, Irish flute (not shown)

The Clayfoot Strutters are a New England-based band whose specialty is fusing the modes and melodies of traditional American immigrant music, progressive harmonies from the pop and modal jazz idioms, and hot dance-floor rhythms from Latin, Afropop, Swing and Cajun/Zydeco worlds. As composers and songwriters, they are actively contributing to this emerging genre.

Founded in 1980 in Vermont by fiddler/keyboardist and songwriter Pete Sutherland, accordionist/pianist Jeremiah McLane and drummer/vocalist and rhythm guitarist Lee Blackwell, the Strutters are well-traveled on the Northeastern wedding, party and festival circuit, and have appeared at contradance camps from Alaska to St. Croix. The current lineup also includes Mark Roberts on 5-string banjo and Irish flute and bassist Dave Grant. This seasoned lineup boasts past and present members of Metamora, Nightingale, the Red Clay Ramblers, the Freewill Savages, and the Tracy Schwarz Cajun Trio, among many others.

Kathy Anderson, caller

Kathy Anderson has been intriguing dancers from Canada to the Virgin Islands for 20 years with her enthusiasm for fast-moving squares with a twist, and challenging contras. Old-time banjo and piano led her to dancing, which she loves to share with all kinds of groups and communities. Her taste in good flow, quirky contras, and high energy squares makes for exciting dancing.

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