North Texas Traditional Dance Society

Based in Dallas, Texas, NTTDS promotes understanding and appreciation of American folk dancing, its music, its history, and related folklore. We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.

The elected officers of the club are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Newsletter Editor. The Historian is appointed by the board. An Assistant Treasurer can also be appointed by the board.

The Board of Directors consists of the current officers, plus the officers from the previous year, plus any "Members At Large" appointed by the Board.

NOTE: Because we stopped dancing in March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was no election of new officers in Dec 2020 or 2021. The 2020 officers will continue in their current roles until we we decide when to have another election.

Current Officers

Matt Simon
President: Matt Simon
Glenn Manuel
Newsletter Editor,

Glenn Manuel

Picture not available

Membership Coordinator: Lee Dixon

Officer History

Up through 2014, elections were held every September, with the positions becoming effective immediately. In the table below, the Year corresponds to the September in which the elections were held. Starting in 2015, elections take place in December, and the positions will become effective in the following January, so the officers serve for a calendar year. The 2014 officers will serve a few extra months, from Sept 2014 to Dec 2015. For 2016 and later, the Year in the table corresponds to the year of service, not the year of election.

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Newsletter Membership
2020 Minette Kless (Resigned, replaced by Matt Simon) Matt Simon (promoted to President) Janis Adams (Resigned) Glenn Manuel Glenn Manuel Glenn Manuel Lee Dixon
2019 Barb Smith Martha Quigley Janis Adams Jim Sproul (resigned), Glenn Manuel Glenn Manuel Glenn Manuel Lee Dixon
2018 Glenn Manuel Barb Smith Beth Currey Jim Sproul, Kate Henry Dwight Bartholomew Kati Lisch (resigned), Jim Sproul Lee Dixon
2017 Glenn Manuel Minette Kless Beth Currey Kate Henry Autumn Patterson Jo D Brooks Kate Henry
2016 Martha Quigley Jo D Brooks Beth Currey Kate Henry Autumn Patterson JeanE McIntosh Bob Kraemer
2014, 2015 Martha Quigley, Peter Lamborghini Glenn Manuel Janet Call (resigned) Violet Barrett (resigned) Kate Henry (resigned) JeanE McIntosh Bob Kraemer
2013 Rhonda Beckman (resigned) Minnette Kless JeanE McIntosh Delores Goodrich, Elliott Chaliff Kate Henry Glenn Manuel Linda Mahony, Kate Henry
2012 Neva Lindell Glenn Manuel Linda Mahony Luellen Bassano Amy Bishop (resigned) Kate Henry Candy Hilton (resigned)
2011 Neva Lindell Steve Babula Jo D Brooks Carl Dreher Mike Harris Glenn Manuel Melody Ball, Candy Hilton
2010 Rhonda Beckman Liz Wolff Linda Mahony Carl Dreher Mike Harris Neva Lindell Linda Mahony
2009 Melody Ball Lee Dixon Sylvia Karmanoff Jaime Gamboa Rhonda Beckman Glenn Manuel Linda Mahony
2008 Melody Ball Sheila Bellows, Lee Dixon Linda Mahony Dyann Slosar Joanne Fell Glenn Manuel Linda Mahony
2007 Glenn Manuel Melody Ball, Neia Izen Linda Mahony Dyann Slosar Sheila Bellows Jane Lorenzen Linda Mahony
2006 Rhonda Beckman, Linda Mahony Melody Ball Glenn Manuel Jimmy Boyer Sheila Bellows Jane Lorenzen Joe Barziza
2005 Glenn Manuel Gary Blankenship Tim Owen Carole Martin, Jimmy Boyer Melody Ball Ed & Sharon Purcell Joe Barziza
2004 Rhonda Beckman, Glenn Manuel Gary Blankenship Tim Owen Carole Martin Melanie Morgan Adams Sharon Purcell Joe Barziza
2003 Rhonda Beckman, Jimmy Boyer Liz Wolff Neil King Sherrie Stohl Heather Stone Glenn Manuel Joe Barziza
2002 Glenn Manuel Liz Wolff Neil King Linda Mahony Heather Stone Stephen Pogue Joe Barziza
2001 Glenn Manuel Gary Blankenship Linda Mahony David Salonimer Neil King Joe Barziza Joe Barziza
2000 Liz Wolff, Barbara Thompson Jeane McIntosh Linda Mahony Jimmy Boyer Neil King Bruce Lewis Joe Barziza
1999 Joe Barziza Jeane McIntosh Liz Wolff Jimmy Boyer Sandra Stuart Glenn Manuel Joe Barziza
1998 Linda Mahony Barbara Thompson Janeen Reich Dyann Slosar Cathy Pyle-O'Berg Glenn Manuel Joe Barziza
1997 Martha Quigley Kat Krone Linda Mrosko Dyann Slosar Tony Constante Linda Mahony Chris Hardage
1996 Linda Mrosko Martha Skalnik Cathy O'Berg Ray Quigley Glenn Manuel Steve and Karen Comer Chris Hardage
1995 Linda Mrosko Martha Skalnik Cathy O'Berg Ray Quigley Glenn Manuel Karen Owen, Steve Comer Chris Hardage
1994 Carl Dreher Susan Clynes Linda Mrosko Rob Thurlow, Ray Quigley Sandi Bean, Glenn Manuel Kat Krone Paul Dechow
1993 Carl Dreher Susan Clynes Eric Lencke Rob Thurlow Barbara Thompson Kat Krone Paul Dechow
1992 Kat Krone Dave Rogers Eric Lencke Barbara Sphar Comer Caldwell Carl Dreher, Jean Robillard Paul Dechow
1991 Kat Krone Allison Hicks Dyann Anderson Barbara Sphar Comer Caldwell Carl Dreher, Jean Robillard Paul Dechow
1990 Martha Skalnik Allison Hicks Dyann Anderson Jimmy Boyer Tina Shenk Carl Dreher, Layout by Kate Horne ???
1989 Martha Skalnik Kat Krone Dyann Anderson Jimmy Boyer Tina Shenk Carol Silverstrom, Layout by Kate Horne ???
1988 Joe Barziza Frank Jordan, Kat Krone Rob Hight, Emily Leland Carl Dreher Kirk Hunter, Maureen Moore Paul Dechow, Layout by Kate Horne ???
1987 Peter Lamborghini Martha Skalnik Emily Leland Carl Dreher Mimi Rogers Joe Barziza, Paul Dechow ???
1986 Maureen Moore Donald Lively, Peter Lamborghini Louisa Barnes, Patti Plemmons Morris Morgan Sandy Lively, Mimi Rogers Ken East, Vici Butler, Kirk Hunter Martha Skalnik

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