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Based in Dallas, Texas, NTTDS promotes understanding and appreciation of American folk dancing, its music, its history, and related folklore. We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.

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Sokol Athletic Center, Dallas, Texas
March 24-26, 2023
Caller: David Millstone
Band: Rachel Bell (accordion)
Susan Kevra (clarinet)
David Weisler (Piano)

David Millstone started contra dancing in the early 1970s and has been calling Contra and English Country Dances for some 40 years. Besides being a past President of CDSS, David is known for his clear and supportive teaching style, the breadth of his repertoire, his sense of humor, and his ability to pick dances that offer the right level of challenge for all audiences.

Rachel and Susan have played music together. Dave and Rachel have also played together. So have Susan and Dave. Set for Spring finally brings all three of them together for a dream forestalled three years because of the pandemic. Along with a pent up hankering to play music together, they bring a combined wealth of experience.

Rachel Bell is an accordion player based in Brattleboro, VT, and is in demand throughout North America and abroad for concerts, Contra Dances, French Bal Folk Dances, English Country Dances, workshops, camps, and festivals. This performer, tunesmith, and teacher draws her inspiration from Celtic, French, English, Quebecois, and New England traditions. She thrives on ensemble work, especially with her bands Eloise & Co, Peregrine Road, Alchemy, and in several different combinations with Susan Kevra.

Susan Kevra is a clarinetist, dance caller and singer who makes her home in Nashville, but travels across the country and occasionally, around the globe to teach and play for Contra, Square, English Country, and French Dances. Inspired by tunes by her bandmate, Rachel Bell, she has choreographed a dozen English Dances and counting, including Trip to Provence and Moonflower, which are making their way onto dance floors and ball programs in the US and England. She is also a professor of French and American Studies at Vanderbilt University, where she teaches a class in American Social History through Dance.

David Weisler has built a national reputation for his rhythmic and innovative and sensitive guitar and piano playing in a huge range of traditions from English Country to Contra, Swing, Vintage, Couple, and Scottish Country Dance and is a prolific composer of tunes, songs, and recently, choral works and arrangements for small ensembles.

This is a fragrance-free event. Your cooperation is appreciated.


SOKOL Athletic Center, 7448 Greenville Ave, 75231
There are two entrances to the SOKOL Hall grounds: the main one on Walnut Hill, and a secondary one on Greenville Avenue.
From Central Expressway (US 75), take Exit 6 for Walnut Hill Lane and go East on Walnut Hill to Greenville Avenue.
Walnut Hill entrance: Continue a very short distance past Greenville Ave, and turn right at the Sokol sign.
Greenville Ave entrance: Turn right on Greenville Ave, and take a left on the first (unmarked) street.
There are parking lots on the West and South sides of the building.
There is also a parking garage next to the Sokol West parking lot ($2 fee, no time limit, enter from the unmarked street that goes to Greenville Ave).

SCHEDULE Friday March 24

7:30 pm: Registration Opens

8 - 11 pm: Dance

Saturday March 25

Approx 10 am - 5 pm: Dance Workshops, with a break for Lunch (on your own)

8 - 11 pm: Dress Ball. Formal attire admired but not required.

Sunday March 26

10:00 am - 11:30 pm: Fabulous Brunch

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm: Dance Workshop

COVID Requirements


NTTDS wants to provide a dance that is both fun AND safe.
Therefore, we are requiring proof of a negative COVID rapid test every 24 hours for ALL attendees, both pre-registered and walk-ins (see below for more details).

We recommend that everyone be vaccinated and boosted, but that is NOT required.
Masking is at your own discretion, and is NOT required.

Testing Procedure

NTTDS does not provide any tests. You are responsible for obtaining and paying for your own rapid tests.
One set of 4 COVID tests is available for FREE for every household:

Take a standard rapid test within 3 hours of when you want to enter the hall. The test results are good for 24 hours.
If you first come on Friday night, you test then, and again on Saturday night. No test is needed for Sunday morning.
If you come first on Saturday morning, you test then, and your next test is Sunday morning.
If you come first on Saturday night, you test then, and no more tests are needed.
If you come on Friday and Sunday, but not on Saturday, you need to test on both Friday and Sunday.

Show us your negative test strip during check in.
If you have not tested, you should return to your car and test there.

Self reporting / Contact Tracing

If you have symptoms or test positive in the week prior to the dance, PLEASE DO NOT COME! We will issue you a refund.

While at the dance, if you begin to have symptoms or test positive, please let the organizers know, and self-quarantine immediately!

If you begin to have symptoms or test positive within a week AFTER the dance, please send an email to the organizers ( as soon as possible, so that information may be shared anonymously with all attendees.


Unfortunately, we are NOT offering home hospitality for this event.
Please use your favorite nearby hotel.


Full Weekend: (lower than in 2016!)
$120 for Adults
$60 for Students
$60 for Non-Dancers
FREE for Children 10 and under
$10 discount for registration before Midnight of Friday March 10, 2023

Partial Attendance (no pre-registration needed):
Five separate sessions: Friday Night, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night, Sunday
Adults: $25 for each session
Students: $15 for each session
Children 10 and under: FREE for each session


There are two ways to register:

ONLINE registration using PayPal or a credit card

Download the Paper Registration form (PDF), fill it out, and mail it with a check to the registrar:
Lee Dixon, 5507 Anita Street, Dallas, TX 75206     214-828-9591

REFUNDS: Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be made in writing and can be sent or emailed to the registrar or to NTTDS at

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