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North Texas Giving Day

2010 Set For Spring English Country Dance Weekend.
2013 Set For Spring English Country Dance Weekend.
2016 Set For Spring English Country Dance Weekend.
2023 Set For Spring English Country Dance Weekend.

Spring Contra Dance Weekends (When In Doubt, Swing!, or WIDS)
WIDS History
Latest WIDS
WIDS 2024 - Wendy Graham and Gaslight Tinkers
WIDS 2020 - Wendy Graham and Gaslight Tinkers (CANCELLED)
WIDS 2019 - Bob Isaacs and Tempest
WIDS 2018 - Seth Tepfer and Stringfire!
WIDS 2017 - Joseph Pimentel and Maivish
WIDS 2016 - Susan Michaels and the Syncopaths
WIDS 2015 - Cis Hinkle and Coracree
WIDS 2014 - Steve Zakon-Anderson and Ladies At Play
WIDS 2013 - Adina Gordon and Rodney Miller's Blue Ribbon Band
WIDS 2012 - Nils Fredland and Elixir
WIDS 2011 - Bev Bernbaum and Magic Foot
WIDS 2010 - Bob Dalsemer and Evening Star
WIDS 2009 - Lynn Ackerson and Moving Violations
WIDS 2008 - Nils Fredland and Footloose
WIDS 2007 - Joseph Pimentel and The Latter Day Lizards
WIDS 2006 - Gaye Fifer and The Great Bear Trio
WIDS 2005 - Jim X. Borzym and The Avant Gardeners
WIDS 2004 - Susan Kevra and Domino
WIDS 2003 - Mary Devlin and KGB
WIDS 2002 - Beth Molaro and String Beings
WIDS 2001 - Kathy Anderson and Clayfoot Strutters
WIDS 2000 - Peter Amidon and Popcorn Behavior
WIDS 1999 - David Kaynor and The Greenfield Dance Band

Fiddler's Dream New Year's Weekend Music & Dance Camps
Fiddler's Dream History
Latest Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2019 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2018 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2017/2018 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2016/2017 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2015/2016 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2014/2015 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2013 Fiddler's Dream
Dec 2012 Fiddler's Dream
2011/2012 Fiddler's Dream
2010/2011 Fiddler's Dream
2009/2010 Fiddler's Dream
2008/2009 Fiddler's Dream
2007 Fiddler's Dream
2006/2007 Fiddler's Dream
2005/2006 Fiddler's Dream
2004/2005 Fiddler's Dream
2003/2004 Fiddler's Dream
2002 Fiddler's Dream
2001 Fiddler's Dream
1999/2000 Millenium Madness

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