North Texas Traditional Dance Society

NTTDS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that promotes a better understanding and appreciation of American folk dancing, its music, its history, and related folklore. We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.

This page is a tribute to NTTDS members who have passed away, to help us keep them in our memory.

Jerry Blake Jerry Blake     Obituary
Died May 19, 2009, age 68, from cancer.
Memorial service Aug 8 at Unity Church of Dallas.
Jerry danced with us for many years. He was active in several community organizations.

Marty Howard Marty Howard     Obituary
Died June 6, 2010, age 62, from pancreatic cancer.
Funeral June 8 at Sparkman Hillcrest.
Marty's wife Brenda introduced him to contra dancing, where they made a lovely couple.

Steve Miles Steve Miles     Obituary
Died March 16, 2012, age 58, from injuries from a car/bicycle accident.
Memorial on March 27 at the Bevel House in McKinney.
Steve had a great sense of humor, always laughing and smiling.

Hugh Harris Hugh Harris
Died June 6, 2012, age 74, from kidney failure.
Funeral June 8 at Restland Funeral Home.
Memorial on Sept 2, 2012 at Sokol Athletic Center.
Hugh was a long time International Folk and Contra dancer.

Jimmy Boyer Jimmy Boyer     Obituary
Died Feb 6, 2013, age 65.
Funeral Feb 20 at Resthaven Memory Gardens in Oklahoma City.
Memorial dance on March 16 at the First United Lutheran Church. $1900 was raised and sent to CDSS in his honor.
Jimmy was a charter member of NTTDS and worked quietly in the background doing whatever needed to be done to keep the organization going. He will be remembered as a smooth and courteous dancer.

David Salonimer David Salonimer     Obituary
Died Sept 5, 2013, age 61, in Mansfield, MA, from a heart attack.
Funeral Sept 27 at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.
Memorial dance on Sept 27 at the Hilton Bella Harbor Hotel in Rockwall, TX.
David and his wife Linda Mahony were backbones of NTTDS for several years, especially providing food for many events, and hosting parties at their home. Besides dancing and playing guitar, David was a key person in the team which helped choose the dance floor for the Plaza Arts Center.

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