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Pete Sutherland Solo Concert
Pete Sutherland

Thurdsay, April 5, 8 PM
St. Francis Episcopal Church

3838 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX
(2 blocks East of Marsh,
across the street from
Mimi's Mom's house)

Donations requested ahead of time
More details: Mimi Rogers,     214-357-8213     mrog@juno.com

Pete Sutherland has been involved with traditional folk music for over twenty years.

A Champlain Valley, Vermont native, he was raised on a diet of opera and show tunes, played rock n' roll in high school and was introduced to folksinging and Bluegrass in college.

Teaching himself banjo, guitar, and fiddle, he pursued Appalachian, Celtic, and Quebequois dance music, but eventually rekindled an early interest in writing and began composing songs in the folk style.

A performer since 1976, Sutherland has been involved with such ensembles as the Arm and Hammer String Band and the widely traveled Metamora.

He has toured Europe with step dancer Ira Bernstein and currently appears with Rounder recording artists the Woodshed All-Stars, Vermont's eclectic contradance/party band the Clayfoot Strutters, and his wife and longtime partner Karen.

His original compositions have been featured on National Public Radio, recorded by a number of other artists, and have earned several awards including a gold record for the Windham Hill collection A Winter's Solstice II and the Ralph Nading Hill Literary Prize for the historical ballad, The Black Snake and the Fly.

Mr. Sutherland has produced over two dozen albums for artists including Carla Sciaky, Cindy Mangsen, Wild Asparagus, Bare Necessities, and Nightingale.

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