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The North Texas Traditional Dance Society's
11th Annual Spring Contra Dance Weekend
When In Doubt, Swing! (WIDS) XI
Dallas, Texas, April 6-8, 2001

Kathy Anderson
calling to the music of
Clayfoot Strutters
Lee Blackwell (drums, guitar)
Dave Grant (bass)
Mark Roberts (banjo, flute)
Jeremiah McLain (piano, accordian)
Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano)

Sokol Athletic Center

5600 Sq Ft wood floor

At least two of us in Dallas think that of all the bands we've danced to over the past 15 or so years, the Clayfoot Strutters are our favorite. With a full drum set and a bass to handle the rhythm, the other instruments have the freedom to embellish on the melodies. This band really rocks! Kathy Anderson is one of the most fun callers we've had. You don't want to miss this dynamic combination.

Click here for more information about Kathy Anderson and the Clayfoot Strutters.

Special Concert by fiddler Pete Sutherland
Thursday, April 5
Click here for more information

Entire Weekend: $55 ($50 before March 1)
Partial attendance: (no pre-registration needed)
Friday night = $12, Saturday daytime workshops = $25, Saturday night = $12, Sunday = $8

Information and Registration: Send Registration form to
Allison Hicks, PO Box 117181, Carrollton, TX 75011 972-492-0213

Hospitality:    Hank Heyn,, 214-821-8674

Hospitality requests after March 1 are NOT guaranteed.

OR for general information, send email to

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