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The North Texas Traditional Dance Society's
10th Annual Spring Contra Dance Weekend
When In Doubt, Swing! X
Dallas, Texas, March 31 - April 2, 2000

Peter Amidon
calling to the music of
Popcorn Behavior
Sam Amidon (age 18) - Fiddle
Thomas Bartlett (age 18) - Piano
Keith Murphy (from Nightingale) - Guitar, Mandolin
Mark Hellenberg - percussion
at the
Dallas Opera Rehearsal Center
4400 Sq Ft wood floor
Bathrooms big enough to dance in,

Cajun Dance Workshop with Sorelle Bros band and teacher Cory Turner

New 10th Anniversary T-Shirts !

Sam started playing fiddle at 3, and Thomas took up piano at 6. Along with Sam's younger brother Stefan (not appearing at this event), the teenagers started Popcorn Behavior in 1993. They have recorded 3 highly-acclaimed albums since 1995. With the addition of Nightingale's Keith Murphy, their popularity continues to increase. Sing Out magazine described their Journeywork CD as "ensemble playing of the highest caliber".

Based in Brattleboro, VT, the musical Amidon family is headed by Peter, who has been teaching, singing, storytelling, and calling for over 20 years, including staff positions at PineWoods and Buffalo Gap.

Entire Weekend: $55 ($50 before March 1)
Partial attendance: Friday night = $12, Saturday daytime workshops = $25, Saturday night = $12, Sunday = $8

Information and registration:
Registration form and/or
Mimi Rogers, 3855 Hawick Ln, Dallas, TX, 75220, 214-357-8213, mrog@juno.com

Liz Wolff 214-828-2697 txacorn@acorn.org

More info about the band Popcorn Behavior: www.popcornbehavior.com
More info about the caller Peter Amidon & Family: www.amidonmusic.com

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