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Based in Dallas, Texas, NTTDS promotes understanding and appreciation of American folk dancing, its music, its history, and related folklore. We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.

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Flier (24 KB PDF file) with info, and registration form, etc.

THURS DEC. 30, 1999 to SUN JAN 2, 2000

Come celebrate the new year/century/millennium with three days of music, dancing and related activities. You, the dancers, callers, musicians in the region will be providing the entertainment for this 3 day party. All community members will have the opportunity to help lead the fun.

Our selected facility lies on the north shore of Lake Texoma, just two hours from Dallas or Oklahoma City. It features a lovely, large hall with a beautiful wood floor, lots of large windows and marvelous atmosphere. Best of all, the camp kitchen staff will be on-hand to prepare all the meals - no onerous cooking duties! The camp has 12 heated bunkhouse cabins, with four bunk beds and one single bed in each of the two rooms flanking the bath - beds for 216 people, all on site. (If you'd rather a motel room, you'll find several within just a few miles and a list at the end of the flyer.)

We will have full run of the facilities every day which include some classrooms, another large hail for more dancing and an extra cabin or two (supposedly staff cabins). We can start as early and play and dance as late as we wish. Everyone who attends can help lead the fun. We will have lots of opportunities for musicians jamming (full speed and slow jams), teaching of new tunes, trading back-up techniques and experimentation, in addition to "all camp" band slots playing for dances. We want to encourage as full bands as possible to attend, to play for the rest of us and to share their secrets.

Deadline for band scheduling is December 1st but please try to commit much earlier. Individual musicians and band fragments, please come and join in and help add to the fun.

Can't play music? No problem! You can lead a dance session (contra, squares, English Country, couples dances), a song session (Beatles sing-along, silly songs, or sea shanties?), a family activity (kids games, quilting, telling tall tales, or just shooting the breeze), or just enjoy a place to curl up with a good book. All activities will be led by the campers in attendance. See registration form to offer your services to lead such a session. We'll work up a rough schedule in advance, based on the forms submitted, but if the urge strikes you while at camp, you'll have a chance to sign up then or just find an available space!

If you volunteer yourself or another to lead a specific workshop and if such workshop makes it onto the schedule, the volunteer will be contacted to confirm the commitment and, if necessary, to discuss the proposed workshop.

The registration confirmation letter will confirm your cabin request, provide detailed maps & directions, more schedule information, and recommendations of what to bring. We'll also send along a listing of families who've registered, along with kids' ages to help parents cooperatively coordinate children's group activities and supervision.

We encourage you to attend the full three day event. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the fun and the extra day allows for more variety of activities. More free time for naps, walks or socializing or just that much more dancing and jamming.

The cost for the entire event, Thursday night through Sunday, is $85. Folks who can't withstand three days of fun can register for only Fri-Sun for $60. Children ages 1-7 are just under half price. Infants less than one year of age get in free. This age price breakdown comes directly from the camp. Those who wish to sleep off-site can register for the meals-only price of $50/$35. All prices include three daily meals, starting with the first evening meal and continuing through Sunday brunch, as well as light late-night snacks. We will make an effort to accommodate vegetarians.

If you have to cancel, you will receive 100% refund if you notify me before December 23rd. 50% refund on or after that date because on the 23rd I'll have to call the camp with the head count for them to purchase food for the weekend and will have to pay the camp based on that number. Registrations can be taken after that date, but the fewer the better in terms of food quantities. So send in the forms now.

We will have a camper's talent hour one evening, so be thinking and practicing. And think of New Year's Eve activities that will be fun, wild, and unique, but that won't distract the folks who want to dance as much as possible. And let me know your ideas. Perhaps callers and musicians could compose dances and tunes to mark the occasion. (Maybe as much for the fun of creation as anything else.) We could have dinner time concerts to showcase the tunes. We'll see what happens.

All that said, the weekend will only work if we all pitch in to help. Besides playing music, calling, and leading sessions, we will need a few volunteers to run sound during the dances, help with initial setup and final clean-up, and shuttling far-flung friends to/from airports. Please check your registration form to volunteer for one of these specific tasks. We expect everyone to help out.

Motel Information: If you prefer to sleep off-site you can reserve a room at one of the following nearby motels. I think the first three are the closest to the camp, all on Hwy 70.
1. Kingston Lodge, 580/564-1495, $27-$35
2. Bob's Lake Country Motel, 580/564-4424, $38/room for 2
3. Catfish Bay Lodge, 580/564-2311, 5 mi. E. of town on Hwy. 70, has 100 rooms, some cottages, price $45-$135
4. Buncombe Creek Resort, 800/636-2543, 10 mi. south of town on Hwy. 32, only mobile home trailers, $45-55/nlght
5. Soldier Creek Resort, 580/564-3670 $?
6. Ray's Motel 580/564-4442 (full name ??)
7. Lakeway Motel 580/564-2411
For other local outdoor activities call Ron's Guide Service at (580)564-2260

Final note: The camp allows NO ALCOHOL at any time on their facility. Please use your creativity to find ways we can celebrate without (several companies make sparkling apple cider in champagne bottles).

Also, no pets allowed at camp.

Please direct questions or comments as well as registration forms to:
Mimi Rogers, 3855 Hawick Ln, Dallas, TX 75220, (214)357-8213,

Here are is a link to more details, including what to bring, preliminary schedule, etc.

Here is a link to a map to the location, Cross Point Methodist Camp

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