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Cross Point Methodist Camp
Kingston, OK (North shore of Lake Texoma)
Thu-Sun, Jan 1 - 4, 2004

City_____________________________ State___ Zip_______ Ph# (___)___-____
Please do NOT list me in attendees directory. ___
Please provide the ages of all children registering with you.
Dance, Music, or Other Session/Workshop: (what you'd like to OFFER
to lead OR what you'd like to see happen, and a suggested leader)
Musicians: (December 7 is the deadline for bands
to confirm with me to allow time to work out the schedules.
But please try to reply ASAP). Instruments I will bring and play:
I can play as a member of Band(s)
for: all 3 days ____, Thu eve - Sat noon ____, Fri eve - Sun noon _____
I would like to play in the all-camp band _______

I'll volunteer to help:  sound ____  set up ____   clean up ____

I'd like to reserve T-shirt(s). Put # of shirts of each size.
S___ M___ L___ XL___ XXL___ (pay at camp, about $12-$15)

Accommodations: Put the # of campers in the appropriate blanks.
I prefer to stay off-site______
Cabins: Women's:______ Men's:______ Couples:______
Family(with kids):______ Snorer's:______
I am single and would stay in a couples cabin ____ or family cabin _____
I want to stay in the same cabin as ___________________________________

                            Sleeping On-Site      Sleeping Off-Site
Full event (Friday-Monday)  ___ X $105     = _____   ___ X $75    = _____
Full event - Kids, ages 1-7 ___ X $52.50   = _____   ___ X $37.50 = _____
For Part Time, indicate WHICH 2 DAYS: THU-SAT___ or FRI-SUN___
Part-time Adults            ___ X $75    = _____   ___ X $53    = _____
Part-time Kids, ages 1-7    ___ X $37.50 = _____   ___ X $26.50 = _____
Registering AFTER 12/1/03, ADD $10/person:
                            ___ X $10    = _____   ___ X $10    = _____
GRAND TOTAL: _______ people, $________
Make checks payable to: NTTDS and mail to
Mimi Rogers, 3415 Manana Dr., Dallas, TX, 75220
Direct questions or comments there
or by e-mail: mrog@juno.com or phone 214-357-8213
Use back, if necessary for any of these questions.

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