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Based in Dallas, Texas, NTTDS promotes understanding and appreciation of American folk dancing, its music, its history, and related folklore. We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society.

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Data on one front/back sheet: Flier and Registration form (43 KB) (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The North Texas Traditional Dance Society's
21st Annual Spring Contra Dance Weekend
When In Doubt, Swing! (WIDS)
Dallas, Texas, April 29 - May 1, 2011

Bev Bernbaum
calling to the music of
Magic Foot
Magic Foot
Brendan Taaffe (guitar, vocals)
Colin Linday (fiddle, concertina)
Christian Stevens ( button accordion)
Stefan Amidon (percussion, mandolin)
at the
Sokol Athletic Center
5600 Sq Ft wood floor

Bev Bernbaum has been addicted to all things contra since she was first introduced to it at the wonderful Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (Albany, NY) in the summer of 1996. Not long afterwards, she made her debut as a caller: for a group of drunken students in a college pub! Seeing that things went much better than anticipated that night, she decided to keep at it. Bev's philosophy is to call the dances that she likes to dance herself. She's always on the lookout for interesting figures or formations to mix things up. Her clear voice, calm manner and straightforward teaching style make contra dancing a pleasure for both beginning and experienced dancers

Playing together first in New York City in January, 2007, Magic Foot is one of the rising young bands in New England's rich traditional music scene. With Colin Lindsay on fiddle and concertina, Christian Stevens on button accordion, Brendan Taaffe on guitar and vocals, and Stefan Amidon on percussion and mandolin, Magic Foot plays Irish music marked by the tight interplay of fiddle and accordion, lush guitar, trap set - unusual for Irish music - and harmony vocals. A top-flight contra dance band, Magic Foot is also compelling in concert. The band brings together a wealth of individual talent - Colin is a Mid-Atlantic champion on both fiddle and concertina; Christian one of the top box players in the country; Brendan a singer and teaching artist in addition to his driving guitar; and Stefan recently appeared on NPR's A Prairie Home Companion with The Sweetback Sisters - but it is their chemistry that creates something notable. Rooted in tradition but looking towards the future, Magic Foot plays Irish music with great rhythm and strong emotion. More Info:

Cost Entire Weekend:
Adults: $90 ($80 before April 5), $5 discount for CDSS members
Children 18 and under: half price
NEW:The age limit for Children Half Price for the entire weekend has been raised from age 12 to age 18!

Partial attendance:
Adults: Friday = $20, Sat Day (includes lunch) = $30, Sat Night = $25, Sun (includes brunch) = $20
Children 12 and under: half price.
Registration Pre-registration is closed. Walk-ins for any/all sessions are warmly welcomed. Just show up and pay and we'll be glad to let you dance.
If you need to contact the registrar, here is the info:
Jimmy Boyer, 11702 Lochwood Blvd, Dallas, TX 75218

Hospitality: Joanne Fell,         972-948-2546
Hospitality requests after April 15 are NOT guaranteed.

Pre-Weekend Events

Wednesday, April 27, 7-9:30 pm: Singing Workshop.
NTTDS regulars who would like to sing are in for a treat. Brendan Taaffe of Magic Foot (our WIDS band) will come in a few days early and lead a Singing Workshop. Brendan is a composer and arranger who has led vocal workshops in Ireland, Bulgaria, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Zimbabwe, and now Texas! This workshop will be at the home of Ray & Martha Quigley, 8114 Stonycreek Drive, Dallas, 75228 (East Dallas, near Ferguson & Highland Roads). $10 Donation. Bring your chair and a desire to find your voice. For more info, call Ray & Martha at 214-328-1938. Brendan's Website:

Thursday, April 28, 7:30-9 pm: House Concert.
Our WIDS band, Magic Foot, will play at a house concert at the home of Mike Harris, 10315 Boedeker in Dallas (near Walnut Hill and I-75). This is a good chance for folks who cannot make it to WIDS to hear this great band. $5 donation. For more info, contact Lee Dixon via
Note: Parking could be a challenge; watch the signs.


Friday April 29
 6:00 pm -  8:00 pm: Registration
 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm: Dancing with Bev Bernbaum and Magic Foot
11:00 pm - ??      : Party at home of Mike Harris.

Saturday April 30
 8:30 am -  9:15 am: Light Breakfast, coffee and tea
 9:15 am - 10:30 am: Workshop TBD
10:45 am - 12:00 pm: Workshop TBD
12:00 pm -  1:00 pm: Lunch provided at the Hall.
 1:00 pm -  1:45 pm: Workshop TBD
 2:00 pm -  3:15 pm: Workshop TBD
 3:30 pm -  5:00 pm: Workshop TBD
 5:00 pm -  8:00 pm: Supper, on your own
 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm: Dancing with Bev Bernbaum and Magic Foot
11:00 pm - ???     : Party at home of Lee and Terri Higgins.

Sunday May 1
10:00 am - 12:00 pm: Fabulous Brunch
12:00 pm -  2:00 pm: More dancing.  All musicians and callers invited to share.
 2:00 pm:  Fond farewells and clean-up

More Information:
    or     Rhonda Beckman, 972-716-0716

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Data on one front/back sheet: Flier and Registration form (43 KB) (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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