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Millennium MADness Dancing Pictures

These pictures were taken by Bill Roberts (Dallas) using his digital camera, Glenn Manuel (Dallas), and Neil King (Dallas), both using regular cameras. Scanning of the regular photos, digital photo editing, and captions were done by Glenn Manuel. At the end of each caption are the initials of the photographer, in square brackets [BR] [GM] [NK].

Names of people are roughly in order from left to right as they appear in the picture. Home cities of the people are typically "rounded off" to the nearest large city (e.g. Dallas used for Richardson and Plano, Austin used for Round Rock, etc.). Most of the pictures are in the range of 25K to 45K in size. Please be patient. It might take several minutes to load all the pictures.

If anyone is mis-named or you know the name of one of the unknown people, please send a correction.

You can download any picture by clicking the mouse right button on it and selecting the proper item in the popup menu (Netscape: Save Image As..., Microsoft Internet Explorer: Save Picture As...)

br_0030.jpg,22K Waltzing: Jim M. (Dallas) and Patti P. (Dallas), Jamie B. (San Antonio) and unknown woman. [BR]

br_0031.jpg,36K Waltzing: Unknown woman and Jamie B. (San Antonio), Jane L. (Dallas) and Rick P. (Austin), Jennie M. (Newton, KS, in MM T-Shirt) and Michael C. (Kansas City, MO) (yellow and orange shirt, behind Lois), Lois D. (Dallas) and Mark C. (OK City), Chuck and Kaye R. (Austin, behind Mark), Patti P. (Dallas) and Jim M. (Dallas), Jan W. (Kansas, etc.) and Eugene G. (Austin) [BR]

br_0002.jpg,31K Joe B., JeanE M., Lois D., and Stephen P. (all Dallas) circling left [BR]

br_0007.jpg,44K Contra dancers: Jodie M. (Austin, left edge, cut in half), Jane W. (Kansas, etc.), Linda M. (Dallas), Mickey R. (Austin), unknown man from Dallas, unknown woman, Liz W. (Dallas, right edge, cut in half) [BR]

br_0013.jpg,38K Jennie M. (Newton, KS) and Chuck R. (Austin), Delores G. (Austin) and Glenn M. (Dallas, behind Carol), Carol B. (Edmund, OK) and Joe I. (Dallas) doing an allemande left, while Abe M. (Kansas, etc.) wait for his turn [BR]

br_0017.jpg,44K Contra dancers doing an allemande right: Jamie B. (San Antonio, tux T-shirt) and Jenny S. (Denton), Bill B. (Austin) and Martha Q. (Dallas), Richard R. (OK City?) and Julia M. (Austin), Stephen P. (Dallas) (behind Julia) and Jean M. (Wichita, KS, green scarf on head) [BR]

gm_001.jpg,32K Julia M. (Austin) and Dan B. (Norman, OK) boogeying to non-contra music [GM]

nk_009.jpg,16K Julia M. (Austin) and Dan B. (Norman, OK) boogeying to non-contra music [NK]

nk_008.jpg,31K Jenny S. (Denton, TX) and Jimmy B. (Dallas) boogeying to non-contra music [NK]

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